Community Reseller
for San Miguel Mills, Inc.

San Miguel Mills, Inc. Community Reseller Program

As a result of the on-going pandemic, small entrepreneurial businesses have emerged with the goal of augmenting their household income. SMMI, via its newly built bread commissary, is leveraging on this business trend by offering an easy-to-start business model for enterprising households. Through this initiative, consumers can earn while staying at home.

SCOPE. Interested individuals are assigned a geographic business scope, typically the village or condominium that they live in. Here, they collate orders for the week – which in turn are delivered to them every Friday through their SMF contact. This simple system makes it easy for resellers to order and offer products through their online contacts, Viber groups and communities.

PRODUCT RANGE. Because of SMMI’s new commissary in Ugong, Pasig, a wide range of breads and pastries are now being offered in the reselling program. Highlights of the products sold include soft and milky Japanese influenced Loaf Breads, tasty fruit and crème flavored Buttercakes, Filipino favorites, and so much more. Resellers can choose what to sell from this wide range of products and decide which product would fit their market.

Interested applicants of this reselling initiative may contact us through 8-632-2000 or [email protected]