July 7, 2021

San Miguel Foods rolls out first vegetarian line, Veega

Meat-free meals can seem daunting at first, but for those choosing to explore or adopt more plant-based food options, San Miguel Foods has just launched an innovative new line of delicious, easy-to-prepare vegetarian food.

Veega is the company’s first vegetarian line. It offers a wide range of high-fiber, plant based, protein offerings that can be used in a wide variety of meals, including well-loved Filipino dishes.

Veega comes in five variants: meat-free balls, burger patties, sausages, giniling, and nuggets. They are already fully-cooked and seasoned. Produced locally by San Miguel Foods, Veega makes use of wheat, soy, mushroom, and egg, with no added preservatives.

San Miguel Foods spent three years studying and developing the perfect formula for these plant-based proteins to fit the Filipino palate.
The company has always strived to provide customers with a wide array of food choices so that home cooks can cook with ease, whether it’s tried-and-true recipes, or new discoveries the whole family can enjoy.

Whether you are a long-time vegetarian or are just looking to incorporate more plant based meals in your diet, there is something for you in Veega’s line of meat-free products.

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