July 5, 2021

SMC expands micro-enterprise program to sustain livelihoods, spur economic recovery

San Miguel Corporation’s (SMC) food unit San Miguel Foods is offering enterprising Filipinos the chance to start their own small business during the pandemic and contribute to economic recovery, by becoming part of the company’s growing network of small business partners.

Under San Miguel Foods’ Community micro-enterprise program, any interested individual can get into selling the company’s full line of popular and trusted brands, including Magnolia Chicken, Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdogs, Purefoods Chicken Nuggets, Magnolia Gold Butter, Magnolia Fresh Milk, Bake Best Premixes, and Dari Crème, in their own communities.

“We want to help those who have lost their jobs, or who have encountered financial difficulties due to the pandemic, and are in need of additional or alternative sources of income. While we help them re-establish their livelihood, they will in turn help us bring our products closer to more consumers,” SMC president Ramon S. Ang added.

“We think this is a very good opportunity for many of our countrymen. Food is a necessity so even if there’s a pandemic, there will always be a market for it. This can be your side business or your main source of income, depending on how committed and dedicated you are,” Ang said.

He emphasized that “anyone can apply” for the business opportunities. Those interested can then choose from several models developed by San Miguel Foods, depending on what best fits their local market and personal preferences.

Currently, Ang said SMC has over 10,000 small business partners nationwide.

The program started last year with the Magnolia Chicken Community Selling program at the height of pandemic restrictions, when access to food products at traditional outlets was severely limited.

Magnolia Chicken partnered with community members as well as homeowners’ associations to initiate selling activities in barangays.

With a minimum capital of only Php 2,000 for the minimum order quantity of Magnolia Chicken products, a small business partner can earn as much as Php 9,000 to Php 30,000 per month, depending on the number of households he or she works to serve in his or her area.

Magnolia Chicken also provides merchandising support to advertise the business.

San Miguel Foods is also open to potential micro-entrepreneurs who want to carry all San Miguel Food products, as part of a continuing engagement for extra income.

Under this model, all products can be carried, provided that the small business partner has enough space for storage--approximately six (6) sqm.

A number of former TJ Hotdog stand operators who had been affected by the pandemic, have now become business partners of all San Miguel Foods products, Ang said.

San Miguel Foods has also opened a business opportunity for those who want to be in the baked goods or breads space.

Through a newly-built bread commissary in Pasig City, San Miguel Foods can now offer an easy-to-start business model for enterprising households wanting to sell freshly-baked breads and pastries in their communities.

Under the scheme, sellers are assigned a territory such as the village or condominium they live in. The seller can collect orders for the week from the neighborhood, then the orders are delivered to the seller every Friday.

This simple system makes it easy for resellers to order and offer products through text messaging, Viber groups, or other social media platforms.

Bestsellers thus far include a line of soft and milky Japanese-influenced loaf breads, tasty fruit-and-crème-flavored butter cakes, traditional Filipino breads, and more.

Meanwhile, communities who are interested in weekends-only or occasional selling activities inside their villages or residential condominiums can now directly coordinate with the company.

San Miguel Foods can then bring its complete line of products--from fresh chicken, refrigerated and canned meats, ready-to-eat viands, dairy products, baking essentials, to dog food--and make these available for half a day at a park or community center.

This mode affords community members the chance to save on having to visit markets or paying extra for shopping delivery.

Promos and special packs are also made available during market days.

“Hopefully, while the economy is still in a slowdown, these opportunities will be a big help to many of our enterprising and industrious Filipinos. We have all experienced many setbacks and difficulties in life during this pandemic. This could be a first step for many of our countrymen to get back on their feet,” Ang said.

“In San Miguel today, we are doing a lot to help spur and support economic recovery. But apart from pouring investments into major infrastructure projects or capacity expansion, we constantly look for ways to help our countrymen sustain their livelihood. This is one of them. So whatever challenges they may face, they will have a better chance to prosper,” he added.